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Human Performance Trackers

Developed in exercise physiology labs, our fitness trackers provide personalised training zones unique to an individual's metabolism, allowing people to reach their performance objectives sooner.

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Health Trackers

Our trackers will offer new opportunities for people managing chronic conditions.  In diabetes self-management we aim to provide incredibly powerful health insights using an exciting new generation of patient self-test products and continuous wearable trackers.  

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Our team is experienced in the development of healthcare medical technology, personal self-monitoring devices, regulatory processes, generation of clinical claims and medical device manufacture.

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This image shows a man wearing a breathing mask whilst using an exercise bike and being monitored by scientists.
This image shows a young man working on an exercise bike in a laboratory and being monitored by a scientist.
This image shows two scientists working through a complex mathematical formula written on a glass screen.
this image shows a scientist carefully mixing chemicals in test tubes.

Our Focus

Inside Biometrics International Ltd is a healthcare medical technology company that operates in the expanding global markets of diabetes self-testing devices and personal fitness tracking devices for performance and weight management.

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